Thursday, February 19, 2009

Walking along Antiquity

After dropping my stuff in the hotel room, I rush out to use the remaining day light for a brief exploration of the city. First I grab a Gyros Pita at one of the food outlets - costs just 1.90 Euro. The hotel is within walking distance of all relevant sites. I head towards south, through non-descriptive narrow streets with shops. Then arrive at the site of Agora, the old centre in antiquity. A metro line has been built straight through the ruins...

All archaeological sites appear to be closed after 15:00. I follow the signs to Akropolis, but decide that I will go there on Saturday. Back through the old town centre of Athens, the Plaka.

A short rest in the hotel, then again going out later in the dark. Take a few pictures of the illuminated Parthenon, but is too far away. Have a pizza in the hotel restaurant, but it is a bit strange: too hard dough. This is not a pizza. Similar to the "pizza" in Barcelona. I guess that only Italians can make good pizza! (And of course New Yorkers, and Chicago too).

Go to bed not too late, as I will have to get up early on Friday. The time difference to UK is 2 hours.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, your blog has changed so much since i was last about. I love the changes to it and the pictures you posted.

I will be back :) Hope your well.