Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Day at the Ruins

On Saturday I get out of the hotel around 10:30. Head straight for the Acropolis entrance. The combination ticket costs 12 Euro, entrance to several sites is included. Quite impressive, these remains! The weather is great: blue sky, a bit chilly, but pleasant enough.
Not many tourists, although at the entrance to the Propylaia seems to be a crowd. I took two series of pictures, for the photosynths below (works only with MS Internet Explorer):

Entrance to the Acropolis: the Propylaia.

Theatre of Herodes Atticus, Athens.

I spend some time on top of the Acropolis, look at the remains of the temples. A lot of reconstruction is going on there. Then walking down, to the hill of the Areopag and to the Agora. I am very thursty and abandon for a while the antique ruins, in exchange for the shopping streets around the area. There are actually many nice things to buy, I consider to get a replacement for my laptop bag (another one for my collection of squarish laptop bags), but then decide not to waste time with shopping. Accidentally I come to the flee market: great stuff that is offered there! Many chairs, old clocks, books. For some reason there are a lot of brass instruments for sale: trumpets, horns, and some strangely shaped ones. After having filled up on liquids I visit Hadrian's library and the Roman Forum. There is a part of wall, with a piece of lead cemented in. Original from Roman times? Or just put in there for protection recently?

Around 14:30 the smell of fried calamares makes me hungry, and I stop for a break. Sit outside with a view of these ruins and the Acropolis. The sun is now behind clouds, it starts to feel slightly cool again. As I move on again, the sites are then closed. So I will not go to the Olympian Zeus temple, just take a picture through the fence. I will still have a short time on Sunday morning.

After I return from my walk through the city, I am very tired. Fall asleep. Then when I wake up again around midnight, I post much of the 480 pictures I have taken today to Flickr.

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