Friday, February 20, 2009


At the hotel I decide to have a brief rest. But I fall asleep, and wake up at 21:30. Damn, missed the dinner! Quickly rush out, should be a 15 minutes walk. Since I have a day ticket for the public transport, I jump into a bus that comes by and appears to go in the right direction. But at the next street it makes a turn and drives down several 100 meters. When I get off at the next stop, I have to walk all that distance back again...

Dinner is nice - I have Souvlaki. Afterwards, one of the local guys offers to drive us up to the Lykavittos Hill with a gorgeous view over the nightly Athens. First I think that they have switched off the nightly illumination of the Acropolis, but then I see that we are so high above it, it melts together with the other lights.

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