Monday, September 01, 2008

Staff Development Festival

As every academic year here at Leeds Met, this year too begins with the Staff Development Festival. This is the fourth of these festivals, and it is also the beginning of my fourth year here at Leeds Met.

The festival opened on Monday with inspirational speeches and a set of workshops. I had been invited to the "Ideas Factory" event, where Leeds Met staff members could present their "idea" for any improvement / concept / activity to a panel of judges. Among these judges was a senior manager from Google. The panel would act likein the "Dragons' Den" and put questions to the presenters, to test the feaibility. The winning idea would be taken forward by the university in the coming months. I presented my idea, in competition with 4 other idea presentations by others. And - I won. Nice :)

Also, in time for the new academic year, Leeds Met has a new website. It looks much more contemporary than the previous version, and in the coming months all pages of the Leeds Met site will be converted into the new layout.

This means that I will have to update the site of the Centre for Creative Technology too...

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