Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My first Article in "Spiegel Online"

I enjoy reading Spiegel Online since many years. While in the US, it kept me linked to and informed about the ongoings in my home country Germany. Now from the UK, the "homeland" appears much closer, but I still often read the news there on Spiegel Online, to get the perspective from the other side of the Channel.

They do have a very interesting column about old cars, called "Altmetall", where drivers of old cars write about their experiences with so-called "New-Timers", which are somehat old cars which not necessarily are true classics. In February 2007 I decided to write something about my Ford Granada and sent it to the Spiegel Editors. Did not hear anything for a while... but 2 weeks ago I got an email with the question if I could send the article again. I updated it with the latest stories up to its end in July 2007, then sent it. And today the article is published! Is a bit shortened - in my original version I had put more details in. Also the wording is slightly different. Maybe my original version had a too rusty German...

There seems to be a controversy about the car: is it a Scorpio or a Granada? In the papers it is listed as a Granada. But also many people here in UK have named it a Scorpio, as these two cars appear to be identical. Not sure... but I go with the official version, as it was registered and listed as a Ford Granada.

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