Saturday, July 05, 2008

Open Day at Leeds Met

This Saturday was a very rainy day, strong showers, also some wind gusts (gales, as they say here in UK). This was the first event I am aware that took place now in the temporary Marquee tents on the Acre here in Headingley.

Open Day for the whole university. Each faculty has a stand and presents their offerings to prospective students and their parents. I have decided to show my geotracking application. Is not extremely "cool", just to have that one little icon representing me there on the web screen. But some people are actually genuinely interested in this.

There is a couple from New Zealand whose daughter has decided to come to Leeds Met in a year for a MSc degree. She is specifically interested in Leeds Met - no wonder, some of the buzz has obviously made its way around the globe already!

Many other parents come and ask for our curriculum, courses, opportunities for study. A busy day, starting at 9:30 and ending around 15:00.

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