Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Departure and Last Excursion

This is the travel day, no seminar in the morning. A few of the seminar participants alreayd had departed during the night, as their flights left early. For me this is the first day in a while when I can finally sleep a bit longer and have breakfast at a reasonable time: around 11:00.

I pay the accommodation bill. Fortunately, I can pay partly with Cyprus Pounds, so I do not need to drive to any bank for exchange. I had packed my luggage after midnight, so I am ready to go. There is some time, my plane is scheduled to leave at 16:50. So I decide to again to a brief excursion. This time I head straight towards West, to some Roman sites. But first, I partially fill the car tank and get some more cash.

Drive on the motorway, passed Limassol. Get out near Kurion, drive along the coastal road. I had been already at this site 2 years ago, so this time I do not enter, just pass at the side, But I visit the remains of the old Curium stadium.

Back at the bungalows, I take my luggage and give Reinhard a ride to the airport, where he pics up his rental car and his arriving family.
It is very hot and humid, the walk from the rental car return to the terminal is just about 200 m, but is quite exhausting.

There are long lines at many check-in counters, but the line to Cyprus Airways is fortunately very short. At the duty free shop, I buy a small bag for my laptop. At the seminar, I was always walking around with my in-flight case, which has wheels but is just too big for lugging it around. I had no choice, as thre were adaptors and cables in it. But the new bag also has some extra space; so from now on I will use this bag for the laptop.

Boarding is delayed. When we are finally in the plane, there is another complication: two people whose luggage has been checked in, are not on board. And for safety reason they have to remove the luggage. One would think that it is easy to identigy the luggage - they all have tags on them. But now, all passengers have to leave the plane, identify their luggage on the tarmac, and then return again. In the end, two suitcases remain left over. There is always something interesting happening wiht Cyprus Airways...

The plane leaves with more than one hour delay. Stop in Paphos where most passengers in the front rows join this flight. Then takeoff towards Manchester.

The plane arrives 50 minutes late, at 21:50. Long line at the immigration control. My luggage is there ok. Missed the 22:22 train, so I take the next one an hour later. That train for some reason takes longer than the otehr trains during the day: 20 minutes more. It drives a strange route: instead of turning at Manchester Piccadilly Station, it continues further West until Salford Crescent, then returns from there into the opposite direction, hereby also passing Manchester Victoria Station. At 1:00 I arrive in Leeds.

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