Friday, July 18, 2008

Marie Curie Workshop - 2nd Day

The next day started with me setting up my poster, as today were the "even poster numbers" to be displayed. After attaching the poster, I picked up my registration for the ESOF conference. It turns out that a metro ticket is included for the nest 5 days - great! However I just had bought a secound T-10 ticket, because I had yesterday just sued up all my 10 rides on the previous ticket... well, I may just gove the remaining 9 rides on that ticket to someone.

The presentation session started with some general talks about FP7 and about successful proposals. I knew most of that already, as I had gone through the material of FP7 already in the last 2 years, and I also had participated in proposal workshops. Interesting, however, was the personal individual view of the panelists, as they gave some insight about their own individual perspective.

After a short coffee break, I go to my poster #58, to explain everybody about the Creative Technology.

The workshop ends with 6 selected presentations from Marie Curei Fellows, who talk about their work. A price is given to the best poster, and also the YouTube video competition is awarded. At 14:20 the workshop is over.

I had met a few people from Leeds University, among them Bogdan whom I had met last year at Falk's grill party.

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