Saturday, July 19, 2008

ESOF 2008 - 2nd Day

I get up early. In the breakfast room of the hotel I am the first and only one. Who has breakfast on a Saturday morning at 7:30? But the first talk starts at 8:30, and I do not want to miss it: as session on Biofuel.

There are 3 experts who point out the dilemma re using biofuels, as I already had debated it with myself a year ago. The experts, however, come to a positive conclusion, in accordance with the official EU position: they can provide additional energy, and not only that, but also can provide more benefits especially to the 3rd world, as they can plant it and create income their for the agricultural sector. I remain sceptical: the panelists did not show how much CO2 these fields actually consume, compared to a tropical rain forest for example. One of them pointed out that the energy is about 9 GJ per hectar. I would have to convert this into how much fuel this actually is, in terms of liter of Biodiesel or Kerosin.

After this session I walk through the exhibition area. There is the German DAAD there - I leave my address, as they may want to establish an DAAD alumni organisation.

I originally wanted to listen to another UK speaker, to as to support my current "home" country: a talk by Sir Richard Mottram about Science and Terrorist Threat. But I get stuck at the exhibition and the outreach expo...

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