Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Term: "Slog" and "Slogger"

At the MELD lab pitch on Friday, Garth and myself pitched the idea of a unique automatic recording system for journalists and field reporters. As we were looking for a suitable name of such a system, we came up with the not very catchy name "NEWLSOG".

Well, the term "weblog" also was not very catchy as it came up a few years ago... but it turned into a phenomenon as it was abbreviated as "blog". So in this spirit, a "newslog" would turn into a "slog", and the person who writes / post / authors such a"slog", naturally is a "slogger".

As I did a quick search for this term, not much came up - so I hereby claim this term as a new addition to the buzzwords of the internet.

A more precise definition of "SLOG":
a report about a news event, with geotags and annotated information, possibly embedded within the media itself (website, video, audio). Geo-info and timecode is at the core, but there also can be other tags over the timeline of the story, for example names of people and places, activities, other descriptions.

Happy slogging!

And remember: here is where you saw this term first being coined / mentioned!

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