Saturday, November 24, 2007

Making good Use of the AA

As I return from the long train ride from Stansted Airport to Leeds, I walk up to my Smart car waiting in the parking structure at the airport. The left rear tire looks a bit low... and indeed, it is flat. As I drive out of the parking bay, it makes strange noises, and is really without any air. Smart vehicles are not so smart when it comes to a flat tire: there is no spare tire. Instead, there is supposed to be a compressor punp - but the previous owner of the car had obviously found other uses for it, as it was missing in the vehicle repair kit. So I have no other choice to call again the AA.

They arrive soon at the parking structure - waiting outside. So I have to drive down through the parking garage, 5 floors, with a flat tire. Down, the AA guy pumps up the tire with a compressor, and finds the small nail that punctured the wheel. The air stays ok, and he drives ahead of me to make sure I come home safely. The next day I go to a nearby KwikFit where they fix the tire: they remove the nail and close the hole - is supposedly safe to drive. Ok with me!

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