Friday, November 30, 2007

Citroen to MOT

In the UK every car has to pass an annual MOT inspection for safety, similar to the TUV in Germany. So I try to arrange for a regular service inspection and a MOT test. Found the very closest garage near my residence, and decide to try to give them the car for a cehckup. However, as I drive to the location, there is a temporary deviation, and I have a hard time to find the garage. As a guy is walking by, I ask him for the location of the garage. Turns out he is the garage owner, and he offers to give ma a lift back home, then bring my car to the inspection. Very nice of him, I gladly accept this offer. But as I drive with him up the road towards my residence, some doubts occur: who is this guy anyway? I never saw him actually being in the garage. I have not signed any work order, nor can I be completely sure taht he actually is the owner of that garage, as that place looked quite abandoned and closed... so I thought I might turnout to be the most stupid victim of a scam, handing over my car key to a complete stranger.

As I expressed my doubts to him, he got upset and walked out of my car.

Very sorry to have offended him - but could he not understand my justified concerns? I really had no intention to be rude to him, but would I not need to have some kind of security?

In any case, it seemed then to be not possible to bring the car to his (?) garage, and so I drove it to the next-closest one. After a few necessary repairs, the Citroen passed the MOT instpection - but now it has starting problems (white smoke comes out of the exhaust at the first start - quite unusual for a Diesel), and there are still oil leaks when the car is parked. I will have to bring it again for a warranty repair...

Only trouble with those cars...

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