Saturday, November 17, 2007

Leeds BarCamp

On Saturday, 17.November, a quite unique event took place in the Leeds Met Old Broadcasting House, which was formerly the BBC Broadcasting House (but is now renovated and occupied by the NTI): the BarCamp Leeds. This event was an "un-conference", having a freely self-organising schedule in which everybody could sign into sessions and offer a presentation.

I had proposed to give a talk about my work and interests at Leeds Metropolitan University, around various topics in the realm of Creative Technology.

The self-organising principle worked to a certain degree: but as the presentation schedule was assembled with yellow post-it notes, which were placed onto a schedule wall into a matrix ot time and room arrangements, some of the notes fell down, and the schedule was to be rearranged a few times.

Most talks were about various Web 2.0 technologies and concepts from different perspectives - quite interesting!

Here are the pictures of the participants:

And here is a shot of the "back board" onto which everybody could draw something:

A search on Google for "barcampleeds" reveals many results where blogs and reports about this event are shown.

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