Sunday, October 28, 2007

VaMP in Deutschem Museum

At our UniBwM reunion I heard that the vehicle which we had been working on, "Versuchsfahrzeug fuer Autonome Mobilitaet - Passenger" (VaMP), was now an exhibit in the technology museum "Deutsches Museum" in Munich. A new hall had been opened, devoted to all kinds of traffic artefacts, with trains and cars. And VaMP was there. A strange feeling, to see that piece of technology with which I had gotten my PhD 11 years ago, now in a public exhibition. I had been driving with in in 1994 around the Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle, and I had driven it (together with my colleague Markus Maurer) to Denmark in 1995, on our often referred trip form Munich to Odense, where the car drove about 95% of the distance only controlled by its camera vision system.

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