Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A few more days in Germany

After the ACM Multimedia conference was over, I had one more day in Southern Bavaria. Once again a short trip to the Alps, where the past days of wet weather had covered the mountain tops with a bit of snow. The sun was shining again, and I had another opportunity to shoot a few nice landscape pictures. On the way back north, I took the Romantic Road, which passes through old towns where the time seemed to have stopped. Donauwoerth, Harburg, Wemding, Noerdlingen, Dinkelsbuehl, Feuchtwangen, Rothenburg and many other towns are on this road. So I take it easy, drive slowly, not on the Autobahn, but on the Bundesstrasse.

Two more days with the family, I visit my brother. Then back "home" to Leeds. Again there is the 4 h drive up north to Duesseldorf, where the flight to Leeds leaves.

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