Friday, October 26, 2007

Travelling Again

Again travelling. On Thursday I work in the morning at the Uni, then take a taxi to the airport. Leave the Smart on campus, after letting security know about it. The flights go well. First to Amsterdam, then further on to Munich. The flight to Munich has a problem: as the bus approaches the plane on the Schiphol airfield, it stops but does not let any passengers out. At the plane, a few maintenance people keep walking up and down the stairs. After about 10 min an announcement that this plane has a problem with a crew seat, and so it cannot take off. We drive back to the terminal, until another plane is found. With one hour delay we take off, and arrive in Munich.

I had a rental car reservation from Avis. As I walk up to the counter of Avis at the Airport Munich, the counter is closed. All other counters appear to be open, just the Avis counter is closed. I look at my reservation voucher: yes, it states there that the counter only is open from 7:00-23:00. I might have made it, had I arrived earlier. But now it is shortly after midnight. I just tried to call Avis on my mobile phone, when a cleaning woman tells me that the Europcar counter would take the responsibilities for Avis after closing hours. And indeed, the friendly chap from Europcar has my reservation. I was pleasantly surprised: had only reserved a Economy car (VW Polo), but got a Opel Astra Stationwagon, 1.6l, with Navigationsystem. Nice treat.

Now just driving to the hotel in a Southern suburb of Munich. At 1am I arrive at the hotel.

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