Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday MSc Engineering

I knew that I would have to teach 3 Saturdays this semester, to teach the module "Modelling and Simulation" in the part-time MSc Engineering course. In the last academic year, I alrady had done a Saturday module, "Image Processing", together with Alan Crispin, so I knew the students. I was aware that in a few weeks I would have to spend a total of 3 Saturdays in these tutorial. But I was very surprised to learn right after my return that the first lecture would already be given this Saturday! Somehow I had missed the "introduction" part of this module... so now I was in the situation of quickly having to prepare something. Fortunately this Saturday tutorial would only be half a day long, as this was just a lecture about introduction. So I prepared a set of vugraphs on matric algebra, differential equations, and dynamic systems.

Saturday morning, 9:00, the group assembled, and I gave my presentation. Went well, I think. The next Saturday tutorial will be on 3.November - and then it will be a full day, in the PC lab, with everybody in the class working on a computer, using Matlab and Simulink.

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