Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Software for Geo-Tagging

The past few weeks I have stopped uploading pictures to Flickr, because I wanted to geo-tag them before the upload. The tools on Flick for Geotagging are a bit lame: the map takes forever to load, and the whole interaction process seems to be very slow.

Therefore, I have written a software for geo-tagging JPEG pictures: the web page with a download link is on my personal site. You are very welcome to download it and test it. It requires you to install the .NET framework. The software uses Google Maps to do the Geo-Tagging. It also allows to edit a number of other tags.

One feature which I have not seen anywere yet is the possibility to indicate the object location, in addition to the camera location. A triangle, overlaid onto the map, indicates the viewing angle and coverage of the image.

There are plenty of things that can be added into the software: integration of Google Earth / Microsoft Virtual Earth for 3D interaction, and reading of GPS log files for more or less automatic geo-tagging. If I have time, I will work on these topics.

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