Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Missed opportunity: Silver Well Cottage (Ilkley)

The Silver Well Cottage, Ilkley Moor.

A few months ago, on a short hike along the Ilkley Moor, we saw a house, with boarded up windows, and partially unvocered roof. Located above Ilkley, with a drive access way, a large ground around it, and a spectacular view above the Wharfedale, I thought this would be a great buy, with some work to fix it up. But there was not any "For Sale" sign on it, nor did I know the name or address of this place. As we walked this past weekend again there, I noticed on the map that this building actually has a name: "Silver Well Cottage". Not to be confused with the "Silver Well Baths" which are just about one mile east.

How was I surprised to see tonight in the BBC local news "Look North" this cottage being announced as being sold today: an aution had taken place, and the selling price was 375,000 pounds. A bit expensive for my own wallet... so I would not have bid for it. But I probably would have shelled out about 200k pounds - provided I would have found a decent mortgage.

Article in Ilkley Gazette, 14. June 2007
Advertisement of the Silver Well Cottage Sale