Monday, June 04, 2007

Again an Ethics Reflection...

Once again I have let myself getting carried away - and getting involved in a highly controversial topic. But last week's news about the proposed boycott of the Israeli academia by the UCU (University and College Union) has prompted me to write another ethical reflection on our Leeds Met reflection web site. There is no official viewpoint of Leeds Met on this - the published reflection is purely my own personal opinion. The topic is highly controversial on serveral levels, and I already got a few replies to this reflection. As a consequence, there would be a debate / discussion held sometime this summer (or autumn) about this topic.

This is quite a nice thing here at Leeds Met: here are actively engaged members of the academic community, getting involved in numerous issues. The ethical reflections provide a great forum for discussion of these issues, and I have not seen such a forum at any other university in the UK (ok, I might have not yet looked thoroughly enough).

The issue is very much debatable, and people have strong opinions about it. So do I, and in fact I could voice my opinion much stronger than I had done in that reflection. But I respect the opinion of others, and I am looking forward to engage in any debate and discussion about this.

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