Friday, October 10, 2008

Next travel Adventure: India!

This July I attended a meeting at the Old Broadcasting House, and I met Brian Lewis. He is a book publisher (Pontefract Press) and poet laureate for Birmingham (1996/97). At the meeting he told me about his latest project: Creating awareness of climate change by means of art and poetry. For this, he would travel to India, to establish links between two regions in the world: Yorkshire and Gujarat. He asked me if I could become a part of this project - and I agreed! Since then I have created a blog for this project and have made recordings (HD video, ear-related audio, GPS tracks) and taken pictures during two excursions. The material is intended to be published in a book, and with my participation in this project, it will also be placed on a web site, being made accessible in a yet to be defined multimedia web installation. L3 students have been invited to participate in this project, for creating the web installation and the editing of the recorded material.

This means that on 1. November I will be travelling to India. Never before have I been there, and I am looking forward to it. Brian Lewis will travel there, together with a group of four writers, who will give workshops and prepare writings in this project. We will stay at university facilities in Ahmedabad, the capital of the region Gujarat. A program has been set up, with visits around the location. Will return on 14.November.

I am quite excited about this opportunity, and hope to bring back lots of impressions and recordings. Have already done my vaccinations. Booked the flight. Now am still waiting for the visa.

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