Thursday, October 23, 2008

Late work hours recently...

On Monday I was teaching in a guest lecture/seminar at the Faculty of Arts and Society: Screen Media Cultures. The seminar went from 17:30 - 20:30, with no interruption. The students were very enthusiastic, the module leader Lance Pettitt also was present. I talked about the history of film and TV technology development, with an excursion into Augmented Reality and its possible applications in future media work.

On Wednesday another long day: a meeting in York, organised by Yorkshire Forward, taking place there until 20:00.

In this semester, Thursday is the busiest day for me, with a tight teaching schedule: I teach two times the same MSc module: Mobile and Wireless Communications. Hereby I follow closely William Stalling's text book, which appears to be quite complete and thorough. Since I have never taught on this module, it is quite some work to dive into this technology and prepare it appropriately. But through my practical experience in teh past years, the content of this module is not too new for me.

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