Friday, October 31, 2008

Loose Ends

This week there were many activities: a guest lecture in Artificial Intelligence (for John Elliott), an evening event of the Yorkshire Creative Networks organisation, dealing with a car repair (that old Citroen really has its problems...), preparing a commercialisation bid, organisig cover for my MSc lectures, and the final preparations for the India travel which begins tomorrow. I am quite behind in some things, but am catching up. Tomorrow the travel will begin. Everything related to this India project will be here on this blog. I hope to be able to post many pictures to Flickr. I will try to give a daily update on the blog there. If something of general interest happens, I will report it here on this blog.

The weather here is quite cold - freezing temperature at night. The last time that it was here so cold so early in October was in 1937. It is sunny now, with patches of clouds coverign the sun once in a while.

I still have some more things to do, runnign around the campus, filing forms, replying to emails (and apologising about being late...). But I am looking forward to the travel tomorrow. Will be a 7 h flight to Dubai, then further on to Ahmadabad. Got my visa, have also started taking Malaria tablets.

There it wil be 36 C - similar to California weather!

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