Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Automatic Feeding RSS on Web Pages

Finally I bothered to look for the originator of that software which converts RSS feeds into Javascript - there are many sites which feature this tool as mirrors. The sites that I had tried out, had a bug: the RSS feed from my blogspot blogs (atom blogs) did not show a correct posting date: instead of the posting date, today's date was displayed.

But then I found the site where this Javascript conversion tool originated: FEED2JS.

The author wrote there that he recently fixed the date bug - and now I could use this excellent tool on a variety of web sites, to show automatic updates from blog posts.

Also in this my blog I added a few feeds with this tool on the left side bar (further down): I put a feed from my Flickr pictures there, a feed of the BBC weather forecast for Leeds, and a few feeds from blogs of my friends. Seems to work great!

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