Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Pictures on Flickr

Since 2 weeks I have spent lots of time going through my digital photo archive and uploading pictures onto my Flickr site. So far I have uploaded about 10% of the more or less reasonable photos. When uploading, I have to make a decision: is the picture worth to be shown publicly? Some pictures are nice based on their impact, others are just plain documentary. I decided often to upload them anyway, even if they are not perfect, or even if I have several versions of them - it might be that someone finds something peculiar in a version which I myself would rate as less impressive.

Time is also consumed by tagging and giving a decent title. By default the title is the image name. And my Sony DSC-M camera has the bad feature to wrap around the image numbers - after 9999 comes again 0001 - so there may be duplicate numbers there because of that.

I will upload more pictures in the next few weeks.