Sunday, April 01, 2007

Images in this blog

Some changes here in Blogger which I noticed today: the amount of pictures to be posted is limited. I do have a Google Picasa account, and the pictures here in this blog are stored there, everytime I upload one here into this blog. A few months ago I had run into a storage limit on Picasa when I uploaded external pictures (250 MB), but last week I noticed that the limit has been extended to 1024 MB. And today I noticed for the first time, that when I uploaded pictures here into the blog, this limit of 1024 MB was indicated. So far I only used 384 MB... but I might consider using a different method for storing pictures.

Flickr may be a good alternative. Right now my account there allows unlimited image storage, and also provides a way of accessing the pictures in different resolutions. So in the future I may try Flickr for the images in this blog.