Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pleasant Evening Events

Two events on Wednesday evening: First there was Prof. Paul Gately's inaugural lecture. He gave a lively talk about his work on fighting child obesity - quite interesting how his camp concept helps to reduce the weight of children. His work reaches back many years and had quite a high public profile in the media. I think he is the only professor at Leeds Met who is younger than me (he is 36 years old).
But I could not stay on for the further festivities after his talk, as we had another small-scale event: the fare-well dinner for my colleague Prof. William Latham, who has been "Running Stream Professor of Creative Technology" at our faculty just a few months before I joined. Together with Dean Cath Orange, Graham Orange, Salam Strudwick, him, and myself, we had dinner at The Olive Tree restaurant in Headingley. A nice evening - we had good food and lots of laughter.

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