Thursday, March 29, 2007

Finally, a Flickr account

Already a year ago I created a free account on the well reputed photo web site Flickr. But I had not used it at all; instead I had made a few photoalbums on other sites: I used the Picasa/Google album, and I created on Yahoo a few folders. But both of these tools have their problems: the upload process is quite cumbersome and slow. When I wanted to share recently my pictures from Salerno on Picasa, I ran into the problem of the limited disc space. I was surprised because my first trys in uploading pictures actually reduced the size and compressed them into a still acceptable quality. But since my upgrade to Mircosoft IE 7, the advanced resizing upload did not work anymore... and so my pictures were uploaded in full size, each about 2MB large. Naturally, the available 250MB filled up, and I could not share all the pics from the recent trip to Salerno.

When recently Kevin had his pictures on Flickr, I decided to also begin posting. And here is my Flickr Photo Site, currently only with the pictures I took from Salerno, Amalfi Coast, Napoli, and Pompeii. Of course I quickly reached the limits of the free account - only my first 200 pictures could be seen. So I decided to buy now a one-year subscription, and have the full benefits of Flickr. I will let you know when more has been uploaded.