Sunday, April 19, 2009

Resuming Blog Posting

These past few weeks I have been posting nothing on this blog, although I would have some things to post: a heavy flu, a small bump received by my Smart car from the driver behind me (no damage), a few weekend excursions, riding on the footplate of a steam locomotive, taking pictures and videos, and being very busy at work with both the regular routine activities (marking of student work) and trying to get funding for my research and development work. I have resumed active software development for Windows Mobile, .NET, C#, video capture, network access. I also visited a highschool career event and represented our uni there. A group of our PhD students from Austria visited us in March for a Mini-Symposium.

Lately I did a statistics: I looked at the work emails from about 3 days and collected the ones that relate to actual tasks for me: there were about 20 different task strands, linking to a variety of immediate actions to be done. And that were only things related to immediate work - none of my other projects were included there (e.g. my music activities, the impeding web presence update, the work on my book, ...). Usual, what a person can handle simultaneously is about 7 parallel things. So it appears that I do have to do one important thing: prioritise my activities. Well, that is what I did, so I was quite slow in responding to personal emails, in updating this blog, and in getting my photos sorted on Flickr. I hope to have more time in the next few weeks for more frequent updates and for staying in contact.

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Anonymous said...

How come you always seem to have the flu when your going to Germany or in

Hope your feeling a bit better and i will write back later.