Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brief Travel to Germany

Back in Leeds, after a brief travel to Germany. I left Leeds on Sunday evening, returned on Wednesday evening. The weather was nice and sunny. Like here in Leeds actually. The usual end-of-April warm weather period has arrived about a week ago and has warmed Europe up, after the long winter.

Good food - in Germany is now the season for asparagus. In many countries, the green asparagus is popular. But in Germany, the white asparagus is the most widespread. The green one is harder and has a "heartier" taste, whereas the white one is softer, can sometimes have a bitter off taste, but can be exquisitely delicious - especially the thick ones!

(disclaimer: the above pictures were not all taken at one single meal :) )


Anonymous said...

Good to see your back :)

Warm weather! It rained not stop on me tonight :(

Anonymous said...

I mean non-stop lol