Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Trial: Location on the Web

I have just uploaded another small test suite for enabling geo-tracking on the web. This is similar to the Carnegie Great Student Run demo, but I plan to have it individualised for several people so that each can update their location - and show it on a web page. In the image below you can see my current location as it is in the database (earlier problems re. updating have been solved now). This is a "live" IFRAME showing Google Maps; as I keep updating the position and the software, the image actually will change.

Since my first entry of this blog entry I have dobe a few modifications: the refresh is automatically triggered, depending on the time the user last had updated the location. Over time, the icon fades slowly away when no location updates are received. The icon color depends on the category of the user - this is to prepare for future collaborative work. The icon blinks when the updates are from GPS within the last 5 minutes.

A smaller version of this map is included in this blog here in the left column under "My Location".

Stay tuned for more news!

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