Saturday, May 10, 2008

2nd event: "Mini Marathon"

Right now the second of today's run events is on: a 1.25 km "Mini Marathon".
They are running right now, should be finished any time.

The tracking experiment went very well.
Paul Hartshorne, Simon Crossley, and Sean McCabe were tracked by their mobile phones. Sean's phone/GPS seemed to provide only rarely updates, but the two other devices sent their locations in regularly, so one could watch as the icons moved across the run.

I realised that I might have made a mistake in plotting the run course: the runners were sometimes a bit off and run where there was no track marked on the screen. I had taken the course from the official Great Run website, but that might have been an older version (or I might have left off a few corner points).

In the course of the testing I also uncovered a small problem re. the icond redraw - which is now solved. Now I can add a bit of functionality. Great would be to record the whole track... is no problem, but I had not implemented this as I did not want to run out og memory and storage space during the run.

Overall, it was a great success, I think!

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