Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Webcam Accelerated

I have modified our Leeds Met Headingley webcam: the ftp upload now happens every 5 seconds, and the web page with the camera image is refreshed automatically also every 5 seconds. I want to try if the server can handle the increased load. Seems ok so far.

The reason: on Saturday, 10.May, 10:00 GMT, there will be the Carnegie Great Student Run. As it happens, the web cam is directly looking at the Start/Finish. It would be a pity if the web cam would only "stream" once per minute, as it did before...

The camera image is now more "live". For someone who has included the webcam code in their web site, the update will happen automatically, as the loaded IFRAME code will handle the refresh within the loaded document.

One note of caution: on one computer, have only ONE page with the live image open. The IFRAME uses a cookie that stores the name of the image - so that it can be deleted after being shown. If two of windows are open, they will store the cookie information in the same cookie - and naturally the image of one web page will be deleted by the other.

I am working on a tracking system which would use mobile phones carried by some of the runners to "live" track their position on the web. Seems to work ok so far, but I have not yet tested the system under "stress". The web site where some of the runners wil be shown is here: The positions are currently just simulated. I will post news and updates here in this blog as the system becomes more mature.

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