Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Webcam Software

Until now I had run our webcam through two pieces of software: the Easycam software would connect to the USB webcam and display the stream on the monitor. Every 60 seconds it would write a JPG file onto the disc drive. In parallel, my own ftp client software would FTP this file every 60 seconds to the web server. For some strange reason, Easycam did not work, nor did any other webcam software that I had tried: each of them got stuck at the ftp-ing the file out. Some firewall problem... I have no idea.

But now I have combined the image capture with the ftp upload into one piece of software. It runs since Monday afternoon satisfactory. One can recognise if the image is from Easycam or from my own capture: Easycam puts a time stamp onto the image, while my software just shows the plain image without any overlay. I used my old knowledge of VideoForWindows to write a quick capture routine, with preview. The software is not yet easy to use, but I intend to modify it so that I can give it away as freeware. But before I can release the code, I need to "clean" it - is a mess as usual.

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