Monday, January 28, 2008

C3KE Lunchtime Seminar

On Monday our Centre for Creative Technology hosted a lunch time meeting at the Old Broadcasting House for our partner institutions in the C3KE (= Centre for Creative and cultural Knowledge Exchange). Our Dean Cath Orange also came to give a welcome address. Then I briefly outlined the overal concept of the centre. But the main presentation was given by several of our members: Richard Stevens and Tony Renshaw presented the work on eye tracking and the ReViewed project. Steve Wilkinson gave a short intro on motion capture and animation work. Nikos Stavropoulos presented the music work, followed by Kinglsey Ash who explained the concept of his interactive music performance/composition. Ben Dalton gave an impromptu talk on various projects related to the Leeds Big Screen. This concluded our Leeds Met presentations. Tim Challis from Leeds University offered to talk briefly about the C3KE in general, for the benefit of our staff members. Alison Mealey from U. Huddersfield's Digital Research Unit (DRU) followed with a brief impromptu overview on her activities.

Afterwards, a few demos had been set up: Tony Renshaw gave a demo of the eye tracker system, Kinglsey Ash demonstrated his interactive music composition, and Bal Singh showed his tilt sensor enabled laptop, on with he played a game for rolling a ball. We also were running a interactive movie by MSc student Rana Gangari. Buffet food was available, and we had then the opportunity to chat and discuss.

There are pictures of this event available on the Leeds Met website.

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