Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shopping for Electronics - in Vain

The time was quite limited - I only had a few days in Germany, but I still was looking for a nice camera. But I encountered a severe obstacle: large media superstores like the Media Markt do not accept credit cards. And since I do not have a German EC card which would be the only one they accept, it was out of the question for me to buy anything there. I briefly argued with the cashier about this - they defended it by saying that it would make things slightly more expensive. Well, if so, then they just will not get my money. They could have earned something, I was willing to spend around 1000 Euro, but now they got nothing. Typical bean-counter attitude of some suits in the upper management, who have no idea about real world economy and globalisation of trade. The credit card is the universal tool for buying worldwide, but Media Markt is obviously not interested in selling goods to international customers.

Looking at electronics at the Frankfurt airport is another pathetic experience: I did not want to stay outside the secured area but wanted to get over with the controls - but behind the secured area there is only one store - and they are quite overpriced. The same stuff that costs in Amsterdam's Schipol airport 1500 Euro, is here 2000 Euro. No way that I would overpay so much.

Well, then I guess I will just save the money for a future purchase some time.

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