Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Busy: conference, presentations, demonstrations

What a busy time! Yesterday began the 3-day Innovation North Research conference, and in the evening we celebrated the launch of the Centre for Creative Technology with an array of presentations and demonstrations by staff members, covering many of the topics in creative technology. First I gave a presentation, then we had a buffet, and my colleagues presented technology demonstrations in the Music Studios. I was asked to write a 200 word summary to be posted today on our web site. And our Vice Chancellor mentioned the launch in his daily refection today. But I had no time to pause much - today I was session chair in the conference session Creative Technology. Our keynote speaker Dr. Kia Ng from Leeds University opened the session with a fascinating insight into his wide range of work - being a trained violinist and computer scientist gives him the unique insight into this area between creativity and technology.

It was great to welcome our distance students from Danube University Krems. Tomorrow we will have the last day of this 3-day conference, and I will participate as one of the speakers in the afternoon session on professional ethics. Time now to get some thoughts together for this presentation.

And then, I have to complete the reviews for 7 papers... and write a paper for another conference ... and prepare my presentation for another upcoming conference... busy times!