Friday, February 23, 2007

Echochroma 1 - Electronic Music Concert

This evening, 17:00 - 18:30, Nikos Stavropoulos from our Faculty Innovation North organised a concert of electronic music, held in the James Graham Building (Jubilee Room). All music was composed by either members of staff or students. Quite an impressive event!

With exception of the first piece, each of the music pieces was played purely electronically, from recorded soundtracks of electro-acoustically generated sounds. The first piece involved a live clarinet player who was accompanied by a recorded sound track.

Here the program:
Katherine Norman: "Trilling Wire"
Adam Nicolle: "Ut Af Taktur Meo Timi"
Tom Goodall: "Composition 06"
Nikos Stavropoulos: "Atropos"
Tom Davey: "Christ I left the Iron on"

Daniel Murr: "Untitled"
Adam Stansbie: "Early Morning"
Sally Townsend: "Sally and the fireflies in the kitchen"
William Harner: "Resonant Drops"

Our dean Cath Orange was very pleased with this display of musicality - so the music group will get their requested speaker system! :)