Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sixth Day in India

In the morning I had done my auto-rikshah driving. The university was now mostly empty, students were now at home, preparing for the kite festival on Friday. Only the university staff was here. I went back to the guest house to use the internet for a while, to respond to emails and to upload a few pictures. I get invited by the staff of the engineering library which is also in the guest house, and I visit their rooms and have a tea.

At 15:30 we walk to the university to meet together and to drive to another "organic farm". A 15 minute drive brings us to the home of O.o.t.Patel (One of the Patels) who has a stately house surrounded by organic farmland. Directly around the house there is a very shortly cut lawn, so it feels as if we made a quick jump into England. The owner shows us around on a tour to his garden, where fruit and vegetable are grown according to principles of the antroposoph Rudolf Steiner. We have tea, and later a large papaya fruit.

Afterwards I manage to arrange a meeting with Kiran through Facebook, who then comes at 8pm to the guesthouse where we have a nice chat alltogether, with tea and "chikki", the traditional sweet that is only available during the kite festival time here in Gujarat.

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