Thursday, December 16, 2010

WARNING: violates privacy

This morning I was trying out the site "", as I thought this may be an interesting site for collecting many things together, in the same way as many social networking sites do. I used my facebook login to connect this site to facebook. While browsing I noticed an option for premium users (costing a fee) which allows to check who is searching for myself, but I did no action on this.
Later, I noticed on Facebook that this site had sent a status message to my FB account, as if I myself had recommended this option, stating something like "this is co sool". I can definitely affirm that this was not me who posted this. In fact I find two objectionable things in this: first, that a status message is posted automatically, without me knowing it, in my name, posing as myself. Second, the fact that searches (they claim that even Google searches would be included) by anyone could actually be monitored by this site. This is, in my opinion, a clear violation of generally accepted privacy.
Therefore, I decided to delete the account on MyLife, and I want to warn you about that site.

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