Friday, June 11, 2010


In recent weeks I have taken a break of posting to this blog, and so I will recapture some of the activities since then. First, our planned travel to India was "vulcanised": the morning when our flight was supposed to leave from Manchester, the first flight bans had been introduced in the UK. When we rebooked to the following week, the ban was still in effect, and so we cancelled all our travel arrangements and postponed them - probably for January 2011. I had taken these days off, and so I stayed at home, working on some of my music recordings. In the beginning of May I travelled to Germany to attend the funeral of my grandmother. On the way back the Icelandic volcano again interfered - and it took me a day longer than planned to come back. Since then I have done a few weekend excursion trips, the pictures of which I will post on Flickr soon.

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