Sunday, August 09, 2009

Steam Fair in Pickering

This weekend, actually already starting on Thursday, 6.August, until Sunday, 9.August, there was a big event in Pickering, which is a small town located at the south border of the North York Moors Park: a Steam Fair was held there, with all kinds of road steam engines on display: steam rollers, steam tractors, but also steam-powered fair attractions, organs, and flea market. A great sunny day on Saturday, and the event was well visited.

Lineup of steam tracktors, ready to drive into the show arena.

Organ, used at the Munich Octoberfest

Carousel and Helter-Skelter in the background

Sometimes the air was a bit polluted.

Draisine, predecessor of the bicycle, from 1817


Anonymous said...

Hi, how are you doin? can I use one of your snap from this post for my blog?

Reinhold Behringer said...

Hi potpourrii,

yes, you are welcome to take any picture from this blog. You might just want to write that the original picture is from me.
I do have many more pictures from that steam event: